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Canon law in five minutes?

Gratian, the “Father of Canon Law”. Public Domain.

Hey everybody:

At The Pillar Podcast, some of you have asked us to launch a recurring feature in which we do a five-minute deep dive into some canonical topic. As you might know, Ed and I are canon lawyers. And journalists.

We’re game.

But we’re not sure what you’d like to know about. People always ask us who the bishop of the moon is. People always ask us about communion in the hand. People always ask us for the basics of annulments. Sure, we can talk about those topics. We’ll put them in the rotation, but we’d like some fresh questions.

So we’d like to hear from you about, well, about what you want to hear.

If we were to spend time on The Pillar Podcast deep-diving into weird, trivial, or interesting canonical questions- what would they be?