“The observance of penal discipline is a duty for the entire People of God,” the pope wrote.

“In the past, the lack of perception of the intimate relationship existing in the Church between the exercise of charity and the recourse - where circumstances and justice so require - to sanctioning discipline has caused much damage. This way of thinking - experience teaches us - runs the risk of leading to behaviors contrary to the discipline of morals, whose remedy only exhortations or suggestions are not enough.”

Access to the Eucharist is not a penal matter, but the same principles apply. If the bishops can't say something concrete about the most pro-abortion president in the nations history also being understood by many as the most devout Catholic president in the nations history, don't expect anybody to take seriously what they have to say about Eucharistic revival. While that NYT reporter was a bit cringeworthy, she was also very instructive to the actual pastoral problem the bishops are facing.

To be honest the document is pretty useless - nobody is going to read it. The debate, the manner in which it is undertaken, and its outcome is what will be catechetical to the faithful. Seek the Truth. Whether the document passes or not is a secondary concern.

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Is there a list somewhere of how each Bishop voted regarding the Eucharist document?

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Jun 18, 2021Liked by Ed. Condon

Great video, Ed. A little humour goes a long way !!!

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I forwarded the linked article by Mr. Flynn to my email group: I think my summary is correct:

JD Flynn has a commentary of the supposed "fight" at the USCCB June meeting of Bishops over distribution of Holy Communion to CINO's (Catholics in name only) who flout the Church's doctrinal teachings.https://www.pillarcatholic.com/p/how-the-nuncio-gave-the-usccb-the

A quote:  With the bishops increasingly defined in the public consciousness, and indeed among themselves, by their stance on public policy issues, it is perhaps unsurprising if their conference discussions come more and more to resemble the partisan divisions and procedural chicanery of the Senate, and less and less the pentecostal zeal of the Cenacle. 

Not to spoil his conclusions in the linked article, but the bottom line is "Nothing will change ''.  Those like Gregory, Cupich, Tobin and McElroy, who choose to give Communion to notable apostates, will continue to do so.  Those, among them Cordileone, Strickland and Paprocki, who specifically warn off politicians who flout Church doctrine,  will continue to treasure the Sacrament for what it is, the Body and Blood of the Christ.

But all this posturing done for "unlimited" access to Holy Communion simply points out one basic fact:  we have hierarchy who evidently are included in the 2/3's of "Catholics" who DO NOT believe the Eucharist is the true Body and Blood of the Christ.  They place no confidence in the teaching of St. Paul, and willingly permit the profanation of the Sacrament.

A public reprimand from the Pope....not from the Nuncio, would seem to be appropriate.  But it will not happen.  

"Nothing will change."  So discouraging.

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Question is which Bishops voted which way on Biden issue? I want to know for Oakland diocese. I think Corlione in SF voted to continue as it fits his personality

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A great way to revive the church would be to let women be priests. Let’s let go of this ridiculous notion that you need a penis to consecrate the bread and wine.

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Thanks for writing in a style that makes this readable. The bishops focus greatly on remaining acceptable to people. The struggle only seems to be about what people need they consider. I recall that Jesus let people walk away when he asked to much of their faith. That was a long time ago and we know that lots of folks have walked away from the Church in the last 50 years and ran away in the last 20.

Such bad analogies come to mind. The bishops worry whether the great ship has enough state rooms and space aboard. Most people left in the life boats a long time ago. Many (most?) follow along at a safe distance to see what will happen. Folks want to see what happens from a safe distance. Everyone knows, if active in the faith, it is easy enough to find a church or parish that agrees with your socio-political opinion so that you may manage the religious stuff.

Two bible passages come to mind. Mark 10: 17-22. The rich young man was a genuine good guy. Why didn't Jesus negotiate? "I see what I ask is not good for your life and will trouble your soul. Donate 10% to the brothers and sisters so they may continue spreading the Good News" Young man, "Done!" Seems that would be a go-to scripture for us.

The other Matt 18:5-6. Disciples, "Rabbi, you can't mean that if someone teaches what they hold as true in their heart, you would (only figuratively) tie a milestone around their neck and throw them into the sea?" Jesus, "Misleading children, I MEAN the faithful, is a deadly business." Disciples, "But what if the person steadfastly believes in you and means well?" Jesus, " I see your point. It is bound to happen. Let the brothers correct him for it is in the heart that one loves the Lord! Forget about the milestone thing. Love is all you need."

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I find the subject heading "what the ff" offensive and not worthy of the standards I expect from The Pillar. I get the joke -- not funny'

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This debate, specifically calling out President Biden, whose humility and piety are obvious, is depressing. My bishop, who tweets incessantly, usually about abortion and Biden and Pelosi by name, is anything but a model of Christian charity. I am less and less inclined to listen to what he—or any bishop—has to say about anything, knowing of their propensity to hob nob with Republicans, particularly the rich ones. My bishop told me directly he was a Republican. How these men supported Donald Trump, who demonstrated the antithesis of Christ-like behavior, in order to get close to power and are now so critical of a Catholic president long known to support Catholic social teaching, has shown them to be people whose opinions are tainted by their political beliefs.

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“Blessed are the merciful, for mercy shall be theirs….”

I fear this will hurt evangelization efforts tremendously. It is the sick who need a doctor, not the well. The bishops are preaching to their own choir.

Jesus didn’t tell the disciples to go out and assemble the elect into his Church. He told them to go out and preach the Gospel to all the world! Many might not believe or understand everything; they might not grasp the totality of how beautiful the Eucharist really is (do any of us?). But as St Paul says, some can only handle vegetables at the beginning; we can’t make them eat meat right away! And at least if they are at the table, the seed has a chance to grow in them, even if they and we don’t know how.

Saint John Paul II never turned any Catholic politicians away from Communion, not even ones who voted for abortion rights in Italy. I ask all of you who think our current bishops’ action is a good idea, please consider why JPII acted the way he did, and why Pope Francis says the same….

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"Communion with the Catholic Church consists of three essential aspects - of authority, of sacraments, and of faith. Among many American Catholics, the growing opinion seems to be that any two out of the three should be enough. That is the real challenge facing the bishops, and it is a crisis of communion no pastoral framework or draft document is likely to overcome."

Just some musings...it would seem that the struggle for communion is not only grappling with the belief in the Eucharist but foundationally the Trinity. "Communion with the Catholic Church consists of three essential aspects - of authority (Father), of sacraments (Jesus), and of faith (Holy Spirit). The Father gave authority to the Church through his Son-Jesus Christ; Jesus setup the Sacraments to impart God's grace (the very life of God) and unite us into the the Divine Relationship; the Holy Spirit inspires, instructs, strengthens and increases the faith. It would seem to me that those that believe 2 out of three aspects of communion is enough is leaving a necessary part of God out of the equation and relationship. So I guess that would allow me to only have to listen to 2/3 of what God has to say. Wonder how that would work in your spousal and friendship relationships...not so good I think!

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God will not be mocked! Each person who receives communion knowing they are in a state of mortal sin is receiving communion unworthily, therefore, consciously committing another mortal sin. “A person should examine himself and so eat the bread and drink the cup. For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body, eats and drinks judgement on himself.” ( 1 Cor. 11:28-29) President Biden, Pelosi or any Catholic must follow the Catechism of the Catholic Church, (if they consider themselves Catholic), who interprets through Scripture and Tradition the single sacred deposit of the Catholic Church and what it teaches through the magisterium, who is dependent on Divinely Revealed truths. Nowhere in the Catechism is there a footnote or subtitle that says we get to interpret the Catechism according to our conscience, therefore, making up our own rules to justify our needs. This also applies to the Pope and the Bishops.

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The only reason it is partition is because Democrat Party Planks include a right to abortion at any time during pregnancy, including past birth. We believe, as Catholics, that all life is precious. We break the 5th commandment, "thou shalt not murder." Because these children do not have a voice, we are called to speak for them and defend their lives. Those who help defend, pay for, and advance abortion are assisting in murdering these children. The Catechism states: "Human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the creative action of God and it remains forever in a special relationship with the Creator, who is its sole end. ... no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being. Direct and intentional killing of an innocent human is considered a mortal sin. Considered by the Church to be of an even greater gravity is the murder of family members, including "infanticide, fratricide, parricide, the murder of a spouse and procured abortion.

The Catechism states that the embryo "must be treated from conception as a person". The Latin original of as is tamquam, meaning "like" or "just as". That a human individual's existence begins at fertilization is the accepted position of the Roman Catholic Church, whose Pontifical Academy for Life declared: "The moment that marks the beginning of the existence of a new 'human being' is constituted by the penetration of sperm into the oocyte. Fertilization promotes a series of linked events and transforms the egg cell into a 'zygote'. respect for life at all stages, even potential life, is generally the context of church documents.

Abortion has been specifically and persistently condemned by the Church since the first century. "Formal cooperation" in abortion incurs the penalty of excommunication "by the very commission of the offense". The Catechism emphasizes that this penalty is not meant to restrict mercy, but that it makes clear the gravity of the crime and the irreparable harm done to the child, its parents and society. "Formal cooperation" in abortion extends not just to the mother who freely submits, but also to the doctor, nurses and anyone who directly aids in the act. That would be President Biden. So, giving communion to a person, who you know is in a state of mortal sin with no remorse, due to the continued support of abortion, who lives a pubic life in defiance of the church's teaching, only leads others to "an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil".

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Is there a record of how each individual Bishop voted on the various measures?

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I am a catechist for +30 years in our RCIA program. The bishops should be thinking how to correct the lapse of any communication to the faithful about the faith. I am happy when a convert joins us for our RCIA, if Protestant, they know what they were taught. If Catholic, there is one consistent thing, they know nothing of the faith except what Hollywood distorts. There can be no Eucharist Coherence without catechesis. No one can judge Biden. He protestantized the faith, yes. But who ever told he was wrong or for that matter, what was true? I am sure he, like the rest of us could select what we want to hear in the wide discrepancies between dioceses and even parishes. Think Fr. James Martin.

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