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JD and Ed talk about the dangers of tribalism and political polarization in the life of the Church. Then, a resolution in the Diocese of Knoxville and an apostolic visit to the Diocese of Tyler. 

JD plays a round of Fourth of July Greater or Lesser.

This episode of The Pillar Podcast is sponsored by an anonymous Pillar reader (in a good way) who encourages you to read The Soul of The Apostolate by Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard, O.C.S.O. It is in print and should be easy to buy or borrow. If you have this book already, consider rereading or lending it to a friend.

The soul of the apostolate is prayer.
Perhaps you haven't got the time to pray.
And maybe you are tearing out your hair
With all the things you've got to do today.

Around you, all is chaos, fear, and strife.
The world is burning and you're in demand.
You'll tell me that you lead an active life,
You love God, and you know he'll understand.

I ask you: is this any way to live?
All efforts made without Him are in vain.
Success is in His hand alone to give,
And in the end, won't love alone remain?

The minutes pass at such a frantic pace.
So let them pass and turn to seek his face.

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