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Pillar TL;DR — this is exciting

Hey everybody,

We’ve got an exciting announcement for you — a new way to take in news, analysis, interviews, and newsletters from The Pillar.

See, here’s the thing: If there’s one thing we know about Pillar subscribers, it’s that some of you spend a lot of time in the car. 

Some of you are priests with three parishes, and you drive between them multiple times per week. 

Some of you are moms, who spend time every day shuttling kids to school, soccer practice, friends’ houses, and Chick-fil-A.

Some of you are bishops, driving to confirmations, finance council meetings, and golf courses. 

A few of you are even farmers, who spend time up in your combines everyday, doing agricultural stuff.

And even if you don’t spend all that much time in a vehicle each week, we know that some readers of The Pillar don’t have time to read everything we publish. Some of you have much more time to listen than to read. 

So we’re introducing The Pillar TL;DR.

Each week, The Pillar’s Kate Olivera will read to you several published reports from The Pillar, and provide you with a quick roundup of the week’s most important stories in Church news, whether The Pillar reported on them or not. 

And on Tuesdays and Fridays, Ed and I will record our own newsletters for you, so you can hear The Pillar Post, instead of just reading it. 

We decided that the readers of The Pillar TL;DR would be us, and not robot voices, because we prefer to keep The Pillar as human as possible. We need more human in the world. We’re sure you agree.

We’re excited about The Pillar TL;DR.

And to thank the people who subscribe to The Pillar, and who make it possible for us to keep reporting the news, we’re making The Pillar TL;DR a special perk for our paying subscribers. 

We don’t paywall our news reporting, as you know. But if you want to listen to The Pillar’s news reports and roundups, you’ve got to subscribe. 

You can do that here:

Subscribe now

And as a reminder, if you’re a cleric, seminarian, a religious, or a Pillar reader who just can’t afford a subscription, send me a note, and we’ll take care of it. 

If you are a subscriber to The Pillar, you’ll notice that you’ll start seeing notes on the top of some stories, letting you know that you can click to listen.

You can also get all of The Pillar TL;DR wherever you listen to podcasts, on just about any podcast app.

Here’s how you get The Pillar TL;DR  in your podcast feed:

Visit on your phone. Make sure you’re logged into your Substack account— you can see that at the top right of your browser. Tap “set up podcast” next to The Pillar TL;DR

If you’re having issues, look at this general step-by-step guide from Substack. 

I just did this on my phone as a test, and it took 15 seconds. And if you find it’s tough to get things set up, you can even email Kate.

So that’s the exciting news.

If you want to start listening to The Pillar TL;DR, today’s the day to subscribe:

Subscribe now

If you think this is a great service, and you’re excited, and you want to support our work even more, today’s a great day to upgrade your subscription:

upgrade your subscription

And if you’re wondering, TL;DR means “too long, didn’t read.” It’s slang, so now you’re hip to the kids.

Enjoy. We’re excited about this. We hope you love it.

Please be assured of our prayers, and please pray for us. We need it.

Yours in Christ,

JD Flynn
The Pillar

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