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I enjoyed your podcast “Days of Fire” but would like to comment on one of your opinions, namely, that the bishops should start admitting to theological disagreements in public. I think there is absolutely no chance this will happen since it would mean that bishops would end up admitting that they believed heretical things. For example, I do not see that any bishop would ever publicly admit that they don’t really think that abortion is a big deal or that the Eucharist isn’t really the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus or that divorce is ok, etc. To publicly admit such things would separate them from the Chuch, at least theoretically. It’s one thing for a priest or nun to go around publicly dissenting from Church teaching, but it would be a whole new ball game if a bishop did the same thing. Personally I would love it if the bishops did what you suggest, since it would allow us laymen to know who the wolves in sheep’s clothing are, instead of having to guess, usually wrongly, about what leader to follow, but it isn’t going to happen. Do you all have any other, more realistic suggestions? Thanks.

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